business model

The Carsale platform is an innovative technology-based car sale and purchase business where all transactions are made online from anywhere in the country. At the same time, the buyer receives complete information about the car, and the seller is spared from repeated and tedious displays and negotiations.

CarSale is a network of branded used car inspection points. Using the CarSale App, a complete check of the condition of the car and its legal cleanliness is carried out. Then the car is put up for an online auction, where thousands of buyers from all regions of the country are traded for it. If the offered price suits the seller, a deal is concluded - the seller gets the money, the buyer gets the car, and CarSale gets a % of the deal.

The CarSale franchise is a fast entry into a highly promising industry with minimal investment.

The advantages of opening a franchise

Our partners are entrepreneurs interested in operating in the highly profitable used car market through innovative technologies, and with an understanding of the online perspective.
The advantages of the CarSale Franchise are quick start, minimal investment, proven business model, high income level.

A proven effective business model
Constant comprehensive support from the franchisor
The opportunity to become a market leader through innovation
A quick start business
Transformation of the used car market
Exclusive rights to an entire country

Steps to start a business

The franchisor will provide support at all initial launch stages and during the initial startup of the business.

Apply online

Sign an agreement

Organize Main Office and locations

Comprehensive offline employee training

Start a business

The main goal of CarSale

is to organize and modernize the used car market through an online auction platform.

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