The CarSale platform is a convenient and effective tool that allows you to implement the latest methods and solutions for doing business in the field of buying and selling cars. All work is done remotely and transactions are transparent and controlled. The CarSale platform is an opportunity to conduct business without borders. Also, the platform will have standardized information about cars, so users always know what information they will get for any of the cars they choose.

The CarSale platform is available, for the convenience of users, as a mobile app in IOS and Android systems. In addition, a WEB Version of the administrative panel has been created to manage settings, administrative matters, and licensed partner holders.

The main processes of the platform:

Standardized inspection

With the help of the CarSale mobile app, the car being auctioned is inspected. At the same time, the application integrates an inspection algorithm that allows you to get a complete understanding of the current state of the car. The inspection includes photos and videos. The inspection algorithm includes all of the most important units and components of the car. Due to the standardization of the inspection algorithm, it is suitable for any type of car, and due to the implemented control system, it is impossible to miss any parts of the car. The results of the inspection are instantly uploaded to the platform, after which you can start bidding on the car.

Notifying customers

Each of the registered buyers has the opportunity to subscribe to auctions of the most convenient locations or all at once. Participate in any auction and make unlimited bids. The page with the current auctions is updated automatically. The buyer just has to choose a car they are interested in and place a bid. The buyer's auction history is stored in the buyer's personal account.


After uploading information about the car, you can start the auction. This is done by the employee who conducted the inspection. Bids are placed by any registered buyer, and there is no maximum bid. Trading continues for at least 30 minutes. At the end of the auction, the winner is the buyer who placed the highest bid. The result is displayed in the buyer's personal account.

Control panel

Partner license holders have access to the administrative control panel. Using this panel, they can set the bidding margin at their locations, add buyers, and make a list of employees who can inspect cars. Partners can also monitor trades and prevent employee fraud.

Platform users


Buyers are both professional market participants and individuals who want to buy a car.


Inspectors are employees of partners who inspect and check vehicles using the app and then launch an auction. They also work with car sellers to make deals.

Partnered license holders

Partnered license holders are users who control, administrate, and configure the platform for their needs, organize locations for car inspection, and own the entire customer base of both sellers and buyers of cars.

Download the app

To start using the platform, you just need to have a mobile device running on any of the two above systems, a thickness gauge, and stable internet access.