About the franchise

How do I purchase an exclusive country franchise?

Как приобрести эксклюзивную франшизу на страну?

Leave a request for more information on the site, our manager will contact you.

How does the business model work?

Как работает бизнес-модель?

The effectiveness of our business model is achieved by dividing the business management functions between the Franchisor and the partner. The franchisor, as the center of the business, ensures maximum efficiency of the staff and day-to-day business processes. The partner, for their half, ensures uninterrupted business operations. More information can be found here.

How much does an exclusive franchise cost?

Какова стоимость эксклюзивной франшизы на страну?

The cost of the franchise per country is $75,000 and the monthly royalty fee is $52,500

What does a partner get when purchasing an exclusive country franchise?

Что получает партнер при приобретении эксклюзивной франшизы на страну?

The effective business model, exclusive access to the platform, strategic business management by the franchisor, and more information can be found here.

What is the estimated payback period for an exclusive country franchise?

Каковы примерные сроки окупаемости эксклюзивной франшизы на страну?

The approximate return on initial investment depends on which business model you choose. More information can be found here.

What is the profitability of a business?

Какова доходность бизнеса, являющегося эксклюзивной франшизой CarSale?

The profit margins depend on which business model is chosen. You can view and select a business model here.

What is the support from the Franchiser for a partner purchasing an exclusive country franchise?

В чем заключается поддержка со стороны Франчайзора для партнера, приобретающего эксклюзивную франшизу на страну?

The franchisor is responsible for comprehensive support, namely: training of staff and partners, operational control and adjustment, strategic management, and marketing. More information can be found here.

What is the time frame for starting a business when purchasing an exclusive franchise for a country?

Каковы сроки запуска бизнеса при приобретении эксклюзивной франшизы на страну?

The time it takes to start a business depends on the partner's readiness. The minimum time from preparation to launch is 1 month. The maximum is 2 months.

What is the “exclusive” franchise offer?

В чем заключается «эксклюзив» франшизного предложения?

The CarSale franchise is exclusive meaning it can only be purchased once in each country. This means that you will be the only partner in the country.

About the platform

How do I set up the CarSale app and start using it?

Как настроить приложение CarSale и начать пользоваться?

After registration and payment, our manager will contact you and conduct a full online tutorial about working on the platform.

How does the CarSale app work?

Как работает приложение CarSale?

By downloading and installing the CarSale app, you get an effective tool for organizing and structuring your business. After that you will work professionally with your dealers, showing them all at once the car you want to sell. You do not need to message or call them. They will receive an alert and can immediately start placing bids. More information can be found here.

In which region can a partner work?

В каком регионе может работать партнер?

You can work in any region of the Russian Federation, and your dealers can be from anywhere in the country. There are no restrictions.

What does a partner get when purchasing access to the CarSale platform?

Что получает партнер при приобретении доступа на платформу CarSale?

You will get an effective tool for organizing and structuring your business. The full list of services and support depends on the plan you choose. You can find the rates here.

What is the business profitability for a CarSale partner when purchasing access to the platform?

Какова доходность бизнеса для партнера CarSale при приобретении доступа на платформу?

On the CarSale platform, you can determine the margin level of your business by making the appropriate settings in the app. More information here.

What is the cost of accessing the CarSale platform?

Какова стоимость доступа на платформу CarSale?

The monthly subscription fee depends on the selected plan. You can find out the rates here.

Where can I download the app for partners in the regional CarSale platform?

Где скачать приложение для партнеров по региональной платформе CarSale?

You can download the app here.

Where is the traffic from car sellers for a partner provided when working with the CarSale platform?

Откуда предоставляется трафик продавцов автомобилей для партнера при работе с платформой CarSale?

You will find the people wanting to sell their cars yourself. If you need advice from our specialist in this matter, we are always ready to provide that service absolutely free of charge. The main source of people looking to sell their cars, if you don't have a location, is information portals with ads for car sales.

Where to find car dealers and buyers?

Где найти дилеров и покупателей автомобилей?

You find those who want to buy cars, create an account for them in our app, and then they get the opportunity to bid for your cars. If you need advice on attracting dealers, our employees can provide that information as well.

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