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Access the highly profitable business of buying and selling used cars using the online auction platform.Fast return on investment. Easy start with the CarSale team. Proven business model.

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Features of the online auction

The CarSale business platform is an innovative tool that includes the latest solutions for the sale and purchase of used cars

A convenient mobile app for Android and iOS

A partner’s personal account

Custom personal notifications

Personal Manager of the dealer and inspector

Auctions in real-time

An unlimited number of auctions from all over the country

A way to preview the cars put up for auction

Photos and videos showing the car's condition

A uniform inspection system

A fraud prevention system

The CarSale business model implementation options

Owning locations

The master Franchisee has full control over the territory in which the franchise was purchased as well as full management of all locations within said area. This option requires the largest investment but at the same time is also the most profitable.
The approximate monthly income
325 000$

Franchise network

The franchise network is the least expensive option for the master Franchisee to implement this business model. Business development is assumed by selling the franchise to regional partners-franchisees. Thus, the cost of opening and maintaining locations is reduced.
The approximate monthly income
90 000$

Mixed model

The mixed model is a combination where the master franchisee manages its own network of locations and sells the franchise to regional franchisee partners. Thus, the cost of doing business is distributed between master franchisees and regional franchisees involved in cooperation.
The approximate monthly income
240 000$

Franchise packages


Owning locations

franchise network

mixed model

Cost of exclusive regional franchise
50 000$
50 000$
50 000$
Payback period
6 months
6 months
6 months
Project marginality
Average monthly income
325 000$
90 000$
240 000$
Initial investment
30 000$
15 000$
25 000$
Monthly license payment
30 000$
30 000$
30 000$

Role of the Franchisor

The Franchisor management company is the patented owner of the CarSale business model, platform, and brand. All of the knowledge, skills, and abilities developed by the management company's employees are transferred to the partner-master Franchisee on a commercial basis, in order to maximize the effective implementation in the territory provided by the contract and to obtain mutual benefits.
At the same time, the management company assumes strategic management of business development in order to achieve the fastest and highest quality results. This means that the master franchisee does not need to maintain a large staff of highly paid employees and receives maximum, effective, and mutually beneficial support.

Operational management

Responsibility Of The Franchisee
  • Organizing the Main Office
  • Searching for and attracting dealers and sellers
  • The contents of locations
  • Selling franchises in the region
  • Carrying out marketing campaigns
  • Organization of the logistics system

Strategic management

Responsibility Of The Franchisor
  • Platform development
  • Employee training
  • Marketing development
  • Business process management
  • Control over operating activities
  • Technical support

Stages of cooperation

The Franchisee

The preliminary stage

  • Organization of the Main Office
  • Attracting customers
  • Opening locations
  • Selling sub-franchises
  • Launching advertising campaigns
  • Organizing a call center

The launch stage

  • Launching locations
  • Hiring employees
  • Checking on sub-franchises
  • Processing applications

The operational stage

  • Accepting auto sellers
  • Selling cars
  • Financial and economic operations
  • Maintain current advertising campaigns
  • Logistics

The franchisor

The preliminary stage

  • Training the staff of the central office offline
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Monitoring the opening of the central office
  • Approving sub-franchisees
  • Monitoring the opening of locations
  • Marketing development
  • Technical support

The launch stage

  • Training locational employees
  • Monitoring the availability of locations
  • Processing leads
  • Organizing access to the platform
  • Controlling the operations of the call center
  • Offline support when starting locations

The operational stage

  • Controlling and managing locations (franchisees and sub-franchisees)
  • Controlling and managing the sales Department
  • Controlling and managing the logistics Department
  • Controlling and managing the call center
  • Analyzing marketing effectiveness

Requirements for franchisees


Attract professional buyers and individuals to participate in the auction


Follow the instructions of the franchisor carefully


Protect the franchisor's trademark in the region


Sell franchises in the region


Organize the sales department


Promote the service in the region


Comply with the rules of doing business under the franchisor's brand


Open locations for customer service

On-time payment of subscription fees and royalties

The franchisor’s obligations

The franchisor pledges to provide an exclusive franchise in the region as well as provide comprehensive, effective, and high-quality support including:

The franchisor grants access to the platform in order to carry out activities

Employees of the franchisor develop and determine the most effective channels within the region to promote the service

The franchisor provides a franchise package that describes in as much detail as possible the business processes that are used in commercial activities

Employees of the franchisor provide training to representatives of the franchisee

The franchisor controls all operating activities of the franchisee's employees in order to maximize the benefits for both parties

The franchisor controls on an ongoing basis the level of knowledge, abilities, and skills of the employees of the Franchisee


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