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Connecting to the regional CarSale platform is an opportunity to shape the process of buying and selling cars for customers in the Russian car market. The CarSale platform becomes a tool that connects the seller of a car with buyers and allows them to instantly make transactions while simplifying the process of getting a car inspected for the seller.

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The possibilities of a regional platform

Shaping the process of selling a car

The opportunity to participate in the auction from anywhere in the world

Connecting individuals to the platform

Allowing an unlimited number of buyers to bid on an auction

Uniformly inspecting cars with a clearly defined system

Different levels of access to trading

Uploading information to the auction platform

Viewing lots and auctions

The ability to choose which auctions to bet on

Ability to place bids

Updates and notifications about the results of trades and interested lots

Contact your personal Manager

A unified vehicle inspection system

A personal account for your dealers

Organization of meetings with the customer-seller of the car

Ability to set and adjust the margins of each transaction

Individual working conditions with each dealer

Control of all your auctions

What does the partner get after installing the app?

The regional platform is an online auction platform that allows you to quickly and conveniently conduct a uniform vehicle inspection, launch auctions, and make both purchase and sale transactions. The platform is designed as a simple and intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android.

Tariff plans

Partners can choose their own level of access to trading based on their own needs. The access level is determined by CarSale plans. The main differences are the number of auctions and the levels of support provided by CarSale specialists. The specifics of each tariff are listed below in more detail.

cars sold

Subscription fee (USD/month)

990 $
from 31 to 70
1 990 $
from 71 to 100
2 790 $
from 101 to 150
3 490 $
more than 150
3 990 $

Within the framework of the "Unlimited" and "Premium" plans, we have an effective business model for organizing your business.

Within the "Premium" plan, when making 10 transactions with an average check of 250,000 RUB, the subscription fee is 3% of transactions.

The “Premium” plan is the only plan that gives access to a personal manager that will accompany the business to achieve the best results possible.

Connection stages

Make an application

Select a plan

Sign a contract

Go through training

Install the app and launch it

Become a Regional CarSale Partner

Provide your contacts - the CarSale manager will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation.

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